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NALC and USPS continue contract negotiations

May 22, 2023

NALC and the Postal Service have agreed to continue negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement. The current agreement, which was set to expire at 12 o’clock on the evening of Saturday, May 20, 2023, will remain in full force until a new negotiated or arbitrated agreement takes effect.

A mandatory 60-day mediation period will follow, as required by statute. NALC will continue to work towards reaching a negotiated agreement with the Postal Service during this 60-day period. Issues that remain in dispute after the mediation period would be addressed through an interest arbitration process, which would result in a final and binding decision on the contents of a new national agreement. The parties will select a neutral arbitrator to chair an arbitration board that would also include one management and one union arbitrator.

Further updates will be provided as the process moves forward.

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