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NALC and USPS agree to MOUs to convert CCAs to career status and directly hire career letter carriers in select locations

May 25, 2022


NALC and the Postal Service have reached agreements on two new memorandums of understanding (MOUs) to adjust staffing, maintain compliance with the contractual caps on city carrier assistant (CCA) employment in several districts, and move to an all-career model in a number of installations across the country.

The first agreement, MOU Re: City Delivery Staffing Adjustment – Conversions to Part-time Flexible and Full-time Regular Status (M-01985) is designed to maintain compliance with the contractual CCA caps and adjust staffing through conversions to career status. The agreement includes conversion of part-time flexible (PTF) letter carriers to full-time regular (FTR) status and conversion of CCAs to FTR career status in select 200 workyear installations, as well as conversion of CCAs to PTF career status. The attachment to the MOU identifies the number and classification for conversion in each installation included in the agreement. All conversions must take place no later than 90 days from the date of the agreement (May 24, 2022).

The second agreement, MOU Re: City Delivery Staffing Adjustment – Hiring Part-time Flexible City Letter Carriers (M-01986requires conversion of all CCAs to PTF career status and moves the 22 installations included in the agreement to an all-career workforce. All CCAs currently on the rolls in the listed offices will be converted to part-time flexible career status no later than 60 days from the date of the agreement (May 24, 2022). After these conversions have taken place, the Postal Service will hire new city letter carriers as PTFs until the number of PTFs listed for each installation has been reached and maintained.

While these initial agreements are designed to improve staffing in the covered installations, they will not improve all staffing issues. NALC representatives will continue working with USPS representatives to address the widespread staffing issues across the country that continue to negatively impact letter carriers and our ability to serve our customers.

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