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NALC and the Postal Service open negotiations for sixteenth collective bargaining agreement

February 22, 2023 ,
2023 02 22 at 3.15 PM


Today, NALC and the Postal Service formally opened negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.


Good morning, everyone. Thank you Postmaster General DeJoy and Deputy Postmaster General Tulino for hosting this opening ceremony for NALC’s sixteenth round of collective bargaining with the Postal Service. I am honored to be here today representing the nation’s city letter carriers for the first time as NALC President. We are eager to work in good faith to reach a new contract. As we look forward to the negotiations ahead, I see opportunities for both sides of this table.

We meet at a crucial time for the city letter carrier craft. Almost three years ago, the world as we knew it started shutting down due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus. While millions of Americans worked from home and sheltered in place across the country, our work became a lifeline for millions of homes and businesses.

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