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Massachusetts postal worker assaulted along Medford route, officials say

October 31, 2023 ,


Police are investigating after a United States Postal Service letter carrier was assaulted Tuesday and has his key stolen in Medford, Massachusetts.

Medford police said the postal worker was assaulted at about 11:40 a.m. near the intersection of Winthrop Street and Arden Road.

Witnesses said three teens wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks attacked the worker as he made his rounds on his usual route.

“I heard an older gentleman scream and by the time I looked outside my window, I just saw him on the ground in our neighbor’s driveway and he wasn’t getting up,” said Medford resident Sarah Carroll. “His papers were everywhere. I didn’t know it was the mailman at the time. I saw that neighbor come out of her house and she was with him and comforting him, and then the police and ambulances showed up.”

The victim suffered cuts and bruises on his head and was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where he was listed in stable condition.

Police said the three assailants stole a key from the postal carrier that is used to access blue USPS mailboxes. The assailants then fled toward the area of Playstead Road to an awaiting vehicle.

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