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Mail truck catches fire in Flagstaff neighborhood

December 20, 2022


Neighbors on Navajo Road in west Flagstaff saw smoke and flames rising from the hood of a mail truck on Monday. The delivery driver was outside the vehicle delivering packages when he heard a clicking sound and noticed that the truck was on fire.

The Flagstaff Fire Department responded in just minutes, and the fire was extinguished before it spread past the cab of the delivery truck.

“A quick call to 911 by the mail delivery person allowed us to respond quickly,” said Scott Stohmeyer with the Flagstaff Fire Department. “This time of year, people are definitely concerned about their mail.”

No one was injured, and the firefighters were able to get all of the packages and letters out of the vehicle, where they were stacked safely on the curb.

“The mail is safe!” said the carrier, after a concerned neighbor brought him a granola bar and water when they noticed his predicament. “You don’t expect that,” he said of the fire. “These trucks are old, but reliable.”

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