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Mail still MIA, operations slowed after mercury spill at Hazelwood USPS plant

November 6, 2023


HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOV) – Customers say they’re still left in the dark about the status of their deliveries more than a week after a chemical spill at a United States Postal Service distribution center.

“I was told they can’t deliver my package,” says Deborah Lay. “It’s frustrating.”

USPS’ St. Louis Network Distribution Center, located at 5800 Phantom Drive in Hazelwood, has been receiving complaints after a mercury spill evacuated the building last Thursday. More than a week later, customers say their mail hasn’t moved.

“How is this spill cleanup going? Is it gonna be another week?” Lay says. “We don’t even know if they’re in there doing anything as far as I know.”

The Missouri DNR was called in last Thursday to investigate after a worker noticed mercury on a mail processing table and conveyor belt. Chief Sean Counihan with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources says the exact amount of mercury isn’t measurable but is thought to be “significant,” causing concern for those waiting on an update.

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