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Mail disruptions continue in Cheyenne; Amazon at least partly to blame

January 10, 2023
2022 12 26 at 4.06 PM


CHEYENNE—Mail disruption continued into the day Monday in Cheyenne, after anonymous reports surfaced that Amazon packages were being prioritized over other mail sent without a barcode.

A United States Postal Service worker in Cheyenne who asked to remain anonymous pointed toward direction from Interim Cheyenne Postmaster Aleicia Dickson to enact “rolling mail,” a process by which packages are prioritized over regular letters and other USPS mail. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle was not able to reach Dickson for comment Monday.

Mail that is sent first class does not have a barcode; however, packages sent by Amazon do. Those are often and continuously scanned to show a delivery timeline, meaning they are more traceable. Although unconfirmed, such is believed to be the underlying motivation for high-level direction to deliver packages with a barcode over regular letters sent by way of the USPS.

“This means … an Amazon package is taking precedence over a potential Social Security check (or) a passport. All of these things are important,” an anonymous mail carrier told the WTE Monday. “The reason is that a piece of mail does not have a barcode that can go on a report. There is no accountability.”

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