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Mail carrier sues homeowners over dog attack

June 27, 2024

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A mail carrier’s routine delivery turned into a nightmare when she was viciously attacked by a dog, leading to serious injuries and a legal battle. Milena Jazvin filed a complaint on June 21, 2024, in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, against James Avery Parrish and several other defendants.

According to the complaint, Jazvin was delivering mail at 4924 Paseo Tranquillo in San Jose on July 2, 2022. As she approached the property, an English Bulldog named Hulk ran out from the garage and attacked her without any warning. The dog first grabbed her mail satchel before biting her right hand and wrist. This incident left Jazvin with severe injuries including torn flesh, scarring, and emotional distress. She claims that further medical treatment is likely necessary.

Jazvin’s lawsuit accuses the defendants of strict liability under California Civil Code § 3342 for owning a dog that caused harm while she was lawfully on their property. She also charges them with negligence for failing to restrain or properly contain Hulk despite knowing its aggressive tendencies. “Defendants negligently permitted Hulk to freely roam The Property without concern for Plaintiff’s safety,” states the complaint.

The plaintiff seeks general damages exceeding $35,000 along with compensation for past and future medical expenses and loss of earnings. Additionally, she requests prejudgment interest and coverage of legal costs incurred during the lawsuit

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