Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Mail carrier saves baby

July 3, 2024


Tiffany Thompson began her mail carrier route as usual on Friday, June 21, not knowing this was the day she would save a life (maybe two) and be a hero.

While delivering mail in the Texas area of Washington County, Thompson had to maneuver her vehicle around a car that was pulled off on the shoulder of the road and several that were parked along the driveway in order to deliver a package. She delivered the package and was making her way back when she noticed the driver of the car was inside was slumped over, Thompson stopped to check on the driver and make sure she was alright. Thompson could have driven on by and continued her postal rounds but chose to stop.

“She was soaking wet in sweat.,” Thompson said. “When I tried to wake her, she just kind of repositioned herself as I was shaking on her shoulder.”

That’s when she saw it. “I noticed a small child in the back of the car on the passenger side locked in her car seat. Her hair appeared drenched.”

The temperatures in Washington County were in the mid to high 90s that Friday and although the front window of the car was down a few inches, the temperatures inside the vehicle were extremely high.

Thompson pulled the baby from the back seat of the hot vehicle and took the little girl (21 months old) to her own air-conditioned vehicle and called 911.

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