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Lynchburg mail services not fully restored more than one year after fire closed post office

October 3, 2023

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LYNCHBURG, Ohio — In June 2022, an electrical fire shut down a Highland County village’s only post office. More than one year later, mail services have partially resumed, but the building remains closed.

Some residents say they’re now past the point of frustration, as the post office was originally supposed to reopen last winter.

“The old folks who live across the street complain about it almost every day,” said Miles Pac, who works at the Marathon gas station down the street.

Pac said he moved to Lynchburg six months before the fire broke out. He was watching from the gas station as fire crews rushed to douse the flames.

“Hours later they finally got it put out,” he said. “And we realized the whole town was probably going to have to go without (a post office).”

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