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Louis DeJoy is transforming the Postal Service. Can the agency compete with FedEx and UPS?

September 29, 2022 ,

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The U.S. Postmaster General isn’t afraid of making big changes. But keeping pace with private parcel carriers is a tall order for the beleaguered agency, experts say.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is working to not only bring the U.S. Postal Service to financial stability, but also transform the agency to be competitive with major private carriers including FedEx and UPS.

DeJoy, in an interview with Supply Chain Dive earlier this month, said he isn’t trying to “conquer” the highly competitive package delivery market. But he does want the beleaguered agency to become a leader in the sector, instead of just reacting to market trends.

“The goal is while we’re trying to come out of crisis, eventually we will be cost-effective,” DeJoy said. “I think we will be the preferred delivery provider in the nation by being very reliable and very affordable. That’s the goal.”

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