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List of Residual Vacancies Made Available for PTF Clerks’ One-Time Reassignment Opportunity

March 16, 2022

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In accordance with the MOU, Re: PTF One-Time Voluntary Reassignment Opportunity, the Postal Service provided a list of available residual duty assignments for PTF clerks to choose from, within their own district. Attached is the list of 594 residual duty assignments which are available to the eligible PTF clerks to select from in the regular March 2022 eReassign posting. These assignments are from installations with 100 or more Clerk Craft employees. The attached residual duty assignment(s) are listed by District.

These residual duty assignments are currently posted in eReassign and this list should be used as a cross reference to assist PTFs within the listed Districts to make their selections.  PTFs need to understand that Districts may have increased greatly in geographical size due to the USPS reorganization. The APWU Clerk Craft has filed a national dispute on the reorganization. If PTFs do not want to relocate, they need to make their selections carefully. Any relocation costs are the responsibility of the PTF. MapQuest is a good tool to assist them if they are not familiar with their entire District and the amount of driving miles as it relates to relocation.

The MOU contains certain requirements: PTFs must work in installations with less than 100 career Clerk Craft employees, must have been on the rolls on September 21, 2021, and they must have completed their probationary period. In addition, the MOU states:

“A PTF Clerk Craft employee seeking to voluntarily reassign pursuant to this Agreement must have an acceptable work, attendance, and safety record and meet the minimum qualifications for all Clerk Craft residual vacancies to which they request voluntary reassignment. A PTF Clerk Craft employee must qualify in his/her current installation prior to being reassigned pursuant to this Agreement. A PTF Clerk Craft employee who fails to qualify will remain in his/her current installation as a PTF Clerk Craft employee.”

The MOU concludes by stating, “District Human Resources will complete the placement no later than the first day of the third pay period following selection of the employee”.

PTFs who wish to take advantage of this opportunity must do so no later than March 21, 2022 by submitting their preference(s) from among the residual vacancies within their district through eReassign. Any PTF without computer access has the right to use the computer at their post office to submit their reassignment requests. Any changes or corrections to the PTF selection should be done by the close of the posting – March 21, 2022 – 11:00 p.m. CST.

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