Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Labor Leaders Urge Congress to Oppose Anti-Worker Resolutions in Congressional Review Act

July 10, 2024


“Plainly, the CRA has become the latest weapon in a war on workers waged by special interests,” the organizations’ leaders wrote. “Each of the resolutions, some of which already passed the Congress, carry a threat of permanently undermining critical gains for working people across the country. It is absolutely critical that those who want to stand with workers do so united in their opposition to these attacks on pro-worker rulemaking. Each vote for one of these CRA disapproval resolutions is a vote against labor.”

The letter outlines several administration actions congressional Republicans are working to overturn, including the groundbreaking Nursing Home Staffing Rule, the Retirement Security and Overtime Rules, worker health and safety regulations, the right to a fair wage and overtime pay, student debt relief, and more. If passed, these resolutions would rob workers of the pay we have earned, return nursing home staffing requirements to the dangerously low levels we saw during the pandemic, create hazardous conditions on the job, among other harmful effects.

“We ask that you not allow private equity, the financial industry, multinational franchisors, unionbusters, or other special interests to use this tool to undo the progress that workers are making via federal rulemaking,” the leaders continued. “We strongly urge you to stand with working families and vote no on all such CRA resolutions.”

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