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How the Postal Service Reform Act Impacts Direct Mail

October 20, 2022
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“The Act also addresses mail service standards by mandating the creation of a public online dashboard that will publish weekly data to allow mailers to monitor slowdowns and identify service failure trends,” says Lyons. “Hopefully, this leads to more timely resolution of mail service concerns. These transparency provisions should allow printers to more confidently sell the value of print to customers. Bonus: the six-day mail delivery mandate that Congress passes as an ad-hoc provision every year was made permanent by the Act. This is not only good policy, but demonstrates the reliability of USPS as a key mail and delivery channel.”

In that Q3 report, the USPS notes that marketing mail, in particular, has been strong this year: revenue for this segment increased $324 million, or 9.4%, compared to the same quarter last year, on volume growth of 545 million pieces, or 3.5%. As the USPS is finally allowed to move into the new era, unhindered by legacy laws holding it back, mail will only become a more attractive option you can bring to your customers, showing them solid ROI they just can’t match any other way.

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