Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

How a U.S. Postal Service Crackdown on ‘Indecency’ Led to DC’s First All-Humor Comic

September 25, 2023


For instance, as I’ve written about in old Comic Book Legends Revealed, due to postal regulations, at one point, comic books had to include two original written pages (with no comic book storytelling on them) to qualify for a certain postal rate, getting a new postal delivery code for a magazine/comic used to be so cost-prohibitive that comic book companies would just change the names of its comics rather than start a new one, and there was even an oddly specific postal code involving second class mailing permits that led to Gyro Gearloose being cut loose from the shared “Duck universe” that Carl Barks had created in his Disney comic book work. Well, let me just state that pretty much ALL of those regulations are now gone, as the Postal Service has streamlined all of its postal restrictions. There are still restrictions, of course, but, again, they are extremely streamlined.

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