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Houston rural letter carriers frustrated after learning paychecks will be delayed

August 31, 2023


Rural letter carriers in Houston are frustrated after learning many of them will not be receiving their full paychecks this Friday.

In a memo sent to them through their National Rural Letter Carriers Association app, the organization stated they learned of a Postal Service payroll error this pay period affecting more than 45,000 rural carriers across the country. In an emailed statement, the union said it was 54,000 workers.

They received a notification from their union Wednesday morning about the issue. The worker says this is the second time in the last three years they did not receive their paycheck.

Some of their coworkers do not plan on coming to work this Friday without being fully compensated.

“If that check is not there on Friday, there will be no carriers at the job,” they tell FOX 26.

When asked if the money order workers are receiving soon is considered a loan, an NRLCA spokesperson says it will be considered a salary advance only. Workers will not be required to pay it back until the Postal Service has repaid them the correct amount.

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