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Free COVID-19 Tests: How to Order More At-Home Kits From the Postal Service

September 22, 2023


The US Postal Service on Wednesday said it will again start shipping free COVID tests to homes across the country. The new at-home tests are made possible by a $600 million investment from the White House that includes grants for 12 manufacturing companies that produce the tests.

USPS has been shipping free COVID-19 tests since January 2022 and has previously delivered four rounds of tests, totaling 20 free tests for each household. The program was halted in September 2022 when it ran out of tests and funding, then restarted in December 2022 and stopped again after the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency in May 2023.

The new free tests from USPS come at a time when COVID cases are rising, and imminent colder weather will likely put more people at risk of infections as they spend more time inside. Learn how you can get free tests from USPS and other ways to get free COVID testing, treatment and vaccines.

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