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Fatal Incident Involving Postal Service Van Leads to Civil Suit in St. Thomas

March 26, 2024


ST. THOMAS — The tragic incident that claimed the life of 57-year-old Louise Jackson is now the subject of civil litigation.

In June of 2022, Ms. Jackson was walking along Berne’s Alley on St. Thomas when she was struck by a reversing U.S. Postal Service van. The van, being driven by postal worker Abigail Henry, knocked Ms. Jackson to the ground and rolled over her with the van’s right rear wheel in both reverse and forward direction, causing massive injuries which Ms. Jackson did not survive.

Ms. Henry was arrested days afterwards and charged with negligent homicide in her death.

The following year, the administratrix of Ms. Jackson’s estate Gabrielle Audain served a claim for injury or death on the USPS through the National Tort Center. After six months with no response, Ms. Audain has turned to the courts.

Her suit claims that the 2017 Dodge Promaster van Ms. Henry was driving on that day had an inoperable reverse alarm system. This meant that Ms. Jackson, who reportedly had the right of way down the alleyway, was unaware that the postal van was approaching her from behind.

The suit claims that as her employer, the USPS, and by extension the United States of America, bears liability for Ms. Henry’s negligent actions, which caused the death of Ms. Jackson.

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