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Family circle – 3 generations, 3 shifts at L.A. P&DC

October 13, 2023

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Three generations of the Ramos family — one for each tour — help keep the wheels turning around the clock at the Los Angeles Processing and Distribution Center.

The first family member — Jose Ramos — joined USPS 15 years ago. He’s a tractor-trailer operator and works an early shift.

His father, Refugio Ramos Sanchez, followed four years ago. Ramos Sanchez also works as a tractor-trailer operator, but on a late-day shift.

Ramos’s son, Jose R. Ramos, came on board three years ago. He works as a maintenance mechanic on an overnight shift.

“It’s always a treat to run into my son and grandson at work,” said Ramos Sanchez. “It makes me proud of both of them.”

The youngest Ramos said it was his father and grandfather — as well as two aunts who work in other USPS facilities — who persuaded him to consider a career with the Postal Service.

“There are opportunities to advance at this job,” the elder Ramos said. “It depends on each person and what their dream is to achieve. You just have to make an effort and get it done.”

Patriarch Ramos Sanchez said he has “a great sense of pride working for the Postal Service.”

“As a tractor-trailer operator, I only perform a small portion of the work carried out by USPS, yet I feel it’s an integral part,” he said.

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