Sun. May 19th, 2024

DeJoy updates the board on the Postal Service’s progress under Delivering for America

May 13, 2024


The Postal Service is making progress in its efforts to transform facilities, reduce costs, grow revenue, engage employees and better serve customers, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told the USPS Board of Governors last week.

In recent months, the organization has activated several regional processing and distribution centers, made improvements to more than 20 local processing centers and launched 25 sorting and delivery centers.

The centers, which support the organization’s new operational model, are part of the broader Delivery for America plan to achieve financial sustainability and service excellence.

“This effort has been engaged with historic intensity by the postal leadership and its employees across the country to carry out a long overdue transformational change,” DeJoy said.

He delivered his remarks during the board’s May 9 meeting in Washington, DC, where he also discussed the organization’s new environmental sustainability goals, as well as efforts to reduce transportation costs, combat postal crime and implement organizational changes to better compete in the marketplace.

Additionally, DeJoy explained how USPS has reduced its projected 10-year losses from nearly $160 billion to $65 billion, with strategies to reduce these losses further.

“The Delivering for America plan has changed this organization in so many positive ways,” DeJoy said. “It represents the Postal Service’s commitment as an independent agency to evolve our services to enable us to cover our costs by selling our products and services. This is what we must continue to do to survive — we must evolve — and that means change.”

The Postal Service encourages employees to read DeJoy’s complete message, which is posted on the USPS Newsroom website.

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