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DeJoy says USPS regulator’s network consolidation probe puts financial targets in ‘jeopardy’

May 18, 2023

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is telling lawmakers that the Postal Service, facing larger financial losses than expected this year, can still achieve its long-term financial goals — if its regulator and Congress don’t interfere with plans to overhaul its delivery network.

“We need to move, and we can get back on track with this. I see where targets of money are for us to get, just by improving our operational performance and growing our business, but we’re behind. We’re not happy with it,” DeJoy told members of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee on Wednesday.

DeJoy told the government operations subcommittee that USPS still can dig out of a long-term financial hole and break even by 2030, as envisioned in his 10-year Delivering for America reform plan.

But he warned lawmakers that the Postal Regulatory Commission’s scrutiny of the agency’s network consolidation plans “is going to put this whole plan in jeopardy.”

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