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DeJoy addresses nation’s PCCs

September 29, 2023


The Delivering for America plan is helping USPS and business customers move into the future, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told commercial mailers last week.

“With collaboration, with engagement, with competitive spirit, we will grow together,” he said.

DeJoy spoke during National Postal Customer Council Week, which is held each year to showcase the local organizations that help USPS and mailers forge stronger working relationships.

In addition to addressing the Greater Boston Postal Customer Council in person, the postmaster general offered a Delivering for America update in a video that was shown at PCC Week events across the nation.

Before the Delivering for America plan was introduced in 2021, he said, the Postal Service was struggling under the weight of its financial and operational challenges.

“Today, we are different. While not out of the woods yet, we are trying to propel ourselves to our future by ridding ourselves of the many failed practices of the past and by engaging in many new strategies to improve and compete in the marketplace,” DeJoy said.

Through Delivering for America, USPS is working to improve operations, grow revenue, provide excellent service and create employment stability.

For business customers in particular, this means the organization is moving toward an operational model that will dramatically improve speed, reliability and efficiency while reducing costs, DeJoy explained.

Additionally, the Postal Service is focused on adding value to mailing and shipping offerings and creating new offerings that provide excellent value.

“Our transformation is far from complete,” DeJoy said. “It is a journey, and you are part of our progress toward being the high-performing organization you need us to be.”

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