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Concerning trend shows more than 100 USPS blue mail drop boxes in Cincinnati targeted by thieves in 2022

January 2, 2023
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In November, Local 12 submitted a FOIA request for information from the USPS about blue drop box thefts and mail carrier robberies.

The report dated Dec. 30 shows in 2022 there have been at least 128 reported thefts of postal drop boxes in Cincinnati and five reported incidents of robberies or thefts involving mail carriers in the city, compared to one last year.

“Why can’t they change the locks if they know it’s gone beyond the wire hanger technique?” said Whitney. “If someone has a master key, then change the locks.”

Whitney says mail thefts are just one problem in a growing list of frustrations concerning the post office.

“I own a small business and my clients still like to pay me by paper check. And I had a client, I asked him about an outstanding invoice. They mailed the check December 6. Here it is December 30, I still don’t have the check. Who knows where it is.”

She says mail delivery is not consistent and she hasn’t gotten much help to track down missing mail.

Whitney hopes the postal service will do more to protect people’s mail.

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