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Built for the Holidays – Showcasing our continued growth this holiday season

November 13, 2023


The holiday season is when our public service mission is most visible and most scrutinized as the nation depends on the Postal Service to deliver nearly two billion packages and First-Class Mail pieces[1]. Our strong operational performance during this hectic period will set the tone for our customers’ trust and expectations for the next year.

Implementation of our Delivering for America (DFA) plan sets a high bar on those expectations. With thoughtful investments in our people and infrastructure, DFA has guided us through two very successful peak seasons ever, and we enter our current peak enthusiastic about our ability to distinguish the Postal Service as the reliable, affordable, and trusted shipper of choice for the holiday season. As we move into the more dynamic phases of our transformation, we will become even more competitive, efficient, and higher performing.

Our new holiday marketing campaign — Built for the Holidays — celebrates our transformation through the lens of an animated world created out of our product boxes and packaging to signal, literally and figuratively, that we are building a Postal Service with excellent capacity and capability to easily handle the surge in holiday volumes.

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