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As DeJoy Deadline Approaches, Sen. Ossoff Requests Update About On-Time Delivery for Georgia Families & Businesses

June 11, 2024

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Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff is continuing to apply “maximum pressure” on U.S. Postal Service management to resolve mail delays impacting Georgia families and businesses.

Today, Sen. Ossoff requested another update from USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy by Monday as his self-imposed 60-day deadline to restore normal service approaches.

On April 16, Sen. Ossoff questioned Postmaster General DeJoy under oath during a U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing about the delays. During the hearing, in response to Sen. Ossoff’s question about when the delays will be fixed, DeJoy testified that “I think we’ll get to where we need to be in about 60 days.” (watch questioning hereThis is an external link)

Now, as that 60-day mark approaches this weekend, Sen. Ossoff is again requesting from DeJoy an update about on-time delivery statistics and whether or not he will meet the 60-day deadline to restore normal service.

“I want to reiterate that it is urgent that the performance of USPS delivery in Georgia improve immediately. Georgians are tired of waiting. They deserve better,” Sen. Ossoff wrote to DeJoy. “And as I have repeatedly said, postal workers working diligently every day to deliver the mail on time deserve the infrastructure and management competence to enable them to do so. As the chief executive officer of USPS, it is incumbent on you to provide that leadership.”

Sen. Ossoff has remained focused on helping solve mail delays plaguing Georgia families and businesses.

Sen. Ossoff first launched an inquiry with DeJoy in March to provide detailed answers and explanation amid growing reportsThis is an external link of missing and delayed mail processed through the Atlanta Regional Processing and Distribution Center — impacting families’ ability to get life-saving medicine and vital mail services.

Then, in April, Sen. Ossoff pressed DeJoy — under oath — for specific answers and solutions to the months-long delays Georgia families and businesses continue to face getting mail and packages on-time.

Last month, Sen. Ossoff launched a new inquiry requesting an update from DeJoy on the current on-time delivery statistics in Georgia as families and businesses continue to face lengthy delays.

Then, two weeks ago, Sen. Ossoff personally inspectedThis is an external link the Regional Processing & Distribution Facility in Palmetto where he sat down with local USPS leaders to gain additional information about the causes of delays. Following the inspection, Sen. Ossoff reiterated he will remain focused on applying “maximum pressure” to solve delays.

“What became even clearer is that this transition was not well thought through, not well planned, and not competently executed. This is not on postal workers; postal workers have tough jobs. This is a question of management — competent management,” Sen. Ossoff said on May 30 following his visit.

Click here to read Sen. Ossoff’s new inquiry to Postmaster General DeJoy.

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