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APWU – Say “No” to the Postal Pulse

May 5, 2023

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Starting April 25 through May 26 2023, the USPS is pushing its annual Postal Pulse Survey. The APWU leadership urges you to not let the Postal Service take your Pulse! APWU is set to begin contract negotiations with the Postal Service in 2024. In the past, management has used surveys as a weapon against us in negotiations, while not producing any real positive change for employees at the Postal Service.

The survey will arrive in mailboxes and via email, sent by Gallup. Nowhere in this survey is there a disclaimer that it is voluntary. Regardless of pressure from supervisors or managers, letter correspondence, excessive emails, or other tactics, employees are not required to participate in this survey. APWU urges you to not participate in the Postal Pulse.

We have a negotiated grievance process, a negotiated labor-management cooperation process and national negotiations to address workplace issues. As we address the toxic work environment at the USPS, it is more important than ever that we deny management an opportunity to present an inaccurate picture of the state of our workplaces.

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