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APWU National Presidents Conference Rallies at Postal HQ Against Cuts, For Better Service

May 10, 2023

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Hundreds of postal workers demonstrated outside of USPS headquarters on Tuesday, May 9 at a rally coordinated by the APWU National Presidents Conference. The rally, which coincided with a meeting of Postal Service Board of Governors, called for a stop to plant consolidations, the restoration of previous mail service standards, and adequate staffing in postal operations.

“We gathered to let the Board of Governors, Postmaster General DeJoy, and the public know that … small or large, we can’t take this essential service away from [our]communities,” said West Virginia State President, Sinikka Melvin, one of the event’s main organizers. “We need to keep up our momentum,” she added.

Customer service is severely strained due to a lack of staffing in retail locations and other postal operations, and customer confidence in the Postal Service has taken a sharp drop.

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