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APWU – Implementation Agreement Reached for Clerk Craft Jobs MOU Remedy

July 18, 2023


The Clerk Craft and the Postal Service have agreed to an implementation process in order to comply with the national-level award by Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg in Case #Q10C-4Q-C-15174956. The Goldberg award centered around the Clerk Craft Jobs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Postal Service’s failure to create all 800 administrative and technical jobs that the MOU required. Goldberg not only ordered the USPS to create and post the additional 362 jobs that were needed to reach the agreed-upon 800 jobs, he also awarded a make whole remedy.

The make whole remedy included “all pay and benefits lost as a result of that violation”. Goldberg further ordered, “Employees affected by the violation include those employees who would have successfully bid on one of the promised administrative or technical positions at the time that those positions should have been filled. Also included among the employees affected by the violation are those who would have been the successful bidders on the vacancies created by the employees who would earlier have been placed in an administrative or technical position had the Postal Service complied with the MOU in a timely fashion.”

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