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APWU – Don’t Let Management Take Your Pulse!

July 9, 2024

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The APWU is urging union members to refrain from participating in the USPS management’s Postal Pulse survey. Negotiations for a new union contract began June 25, and any information you give them can be used in retaliation to hurt us during negotiations and arbitration.

Regardless of pressure from supervisors or managers, letter correspondence, excessive emails, or other tactics, employees are not required to participate in this survey. APWU urges you to not participate in the Postal Pulse.

Please be aware of these new changes to the survey:

  • A new company is conducting the survey—Perceptyx—instead of Gallop
  • There is now a “5-point” scale (Strongly agree to Strongly Disagree)
  • Questions have been added and others “refreshed”.
  • There will be no more paper surveys sent to employee homes; instead, the paper surveys are being sent to work locations, as well as electronically.

Stay united, and don’t be fooled by management’s tricks created to divide us. We want to remind members to wear APWU gear with pride every Thursday until our current contract expires, to send a powerful message to management that we are Union Proud, Say it Loud! The APWU negotiations team is working diligently to secure a good union contract for postal workers. Stand strong – Don’t let management take your pulse!

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