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APWU – 2024 Contract Campaign Slogan Contest Winners Announced!

June 10, 2024

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Earlier this spring, APWU National called on active and retiree members to submit slogan ideas for the upcoming 2024 contract negotiations. We asked members to submit ideas for slogans to represent our fight for a contract that strengthens wages, benefits, and rights for APWU-represented postal workers, and to ensure that our essential service is safely and adequately staffed for years to come.

APWU members answered the call: APWU received more than 3,000 slogan ideas, which highlights the enthusiasm and support for our Contract Campaign on the workroom floor. The National Executive Board is proud to announce that the winning entry and choice for our 2024 Contract Campaign slogan is “Union Proud, Say It Loud!” The entry was submitted by Ronnie McGee, of the Atlanta Metro Area Local (GA).

The second-place entry was “Unite, Organize, and Mobilize”, submitted by Emily Kim of the Mankato Area Local (MN). The third-place entry was “A Strong Union, A Strong Future” submitted by Edward Teets of the Boise Local (ID).

These slogans will now be used in Contract Campaign materials and on union gear for members to show their support of our fight for a good new contract. We will announce when these Contract Campaign materials are online for purchase on the APWU store at

“Congratulations to our winners. The tremendous response to the contest shows our members’ enthusiasm for the upcoming contract negotiations,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein.

“We are proud of our members’ creativity and wit,” and APWU Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Powell. “The volume of responses shows that our members are ready to show their union spirit and solidarity when we begin negotiations on June 25.”

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