Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Anderson postman charged with cruelty to an animal for allegedly pepper-spraying dog through door

June 10, 2024


ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson postman is facing charges for allegedly spraying a dog with pepper spray through a front door mail slot.

David Vanlandingham is facing charges of cruelty to an animal and criminal mischief.

According to a United States Postal Service special agent, the investigation began after 13News ran a story on the incident, which showed doorbell camera video of Vanlandingham. According to court documents, Vanlandingham has been with the USPS for two and a half years.

When questioned by the investigator, Vanlandingham alleged the dog had nipped his fingers previously and had ripped mail from his hands numerous times. He allegedly said he told his supervisor. When the supervisor was asked, he told the investigator he didn’t remember ever talking to Vanlandingham about a dog nipping him or getting an accident report involving a dog. He said the first he heard of it was when Vanlandingham told him on May 9, the day he allegedly sprayed the dog.
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