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After shipping more than 12 billon pieces of mail last year, USPS prepares for an even busier year

November 24, 2023


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Plenty of people will wake up the day after Thanksgiving with the holidays on their mind, often worrying about shopping and mailing cards and gifts.

Last holiday season the United States Postal service said it shipped 12 billion pieces of mail, and they are preparing for an even busier mailing season this year.

“E-commerce continues to drive a lot of our package business and a lot of the work we do with with shipping,” Sean Hargadon, USPS spokesperson said. “People like to do that stuff. Online. And now, you know, especially since the past few years, people are doing package deliveries more often all the time. So what it does is it really is an opportunity for us to kind of showcase our network.”

USPS said to ease the anxiety of mail and packages arriving on time, ship out sooner rather than later to make the deadlines.

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