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A nonprofit group encourages people to mail valentines to seniors

February 5, 2024


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

A national nonprofit organization is encouraging people to use the mail to help lift the spirits of older adults who might feel lonely on Valentine’s Day.

The Cupid Crew project is organized by Wish of a Lifetime, a charitable affiliate of AARP that grants life-changing wishes to people 65 and older.

Since 2014, the project has encouraged people to mail Valentine’s Day cards to isolated older adults in senior communities — a group that often feels even lonelier during holidays.

“So many older adults are overjoyed and surprised by receiving valentines because sadly, many might not see or hear from anyone on Valentine’s Day. The cards remind them how valuable and appreciated they are,” said Jared Bloomfield, the national field operations director for Wish of a Lifetime.

Those interested in participating can go to the Wish of a Lifetime website to download one or more Valentine’s Day cards that can then be mailed to a community for older adults.

Other organizations have similar goals.

For example, the nonprofit group Love for Our Elders works to combat isolation in senior communities by encouraging people to mail letters to residents.

Each year, the Postal Service releases a Love stamp that can be used for valentines and other mailings. The 2024 release shows a bird in flight.

Many Post Offices also carry greeting cards, including Valentine’s Day cards.

In addition to its greeting card drive, Wish of a Lifetime will organize the delivery of 170,000 roses to seniors on Feb. 14. The group relies on about 40,000 volunteers nationwide in its outreach efforts, according to Bloomfield.

He encourages anyone interested in mailing cards to older adults this Valentine’s Day to send them soon.

“One card makes a huge difference,” Bloomfield said.

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