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A 50-year USPS veteran is making sure your holiday mail gets to you on time

December 15, 2023


DULLES, Va. — With a little over a week until Christmas, some of Santa’s helpers are putting in overtime at the U.S. Postal Service to get your mail and packages to you on time.

One of those helpers is Henry Payne. This year marks his 51st holiday season.

“It’s always an exciting time, and each one gets better,” Payne said, humbly showing off his 50-year pin.

He worked his way up from casual custodian to plant manager at the Dulles plant, only recently considering retiring.

“I happen to love my job and the things that we do,” he said.

Payne certainly isn’t the only long-timer at the Dulles plant.

Benita Sprow has been with USPS for 33 years, saying she keeps coming back because of the family-like friends she formed when she first started.

“It’s a good job and good money,” she added, laughing.

As one can imagine, the end of the year marks the busy season for USPS.

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