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$100,000 Powerball Win Turns Around a Bad Day For Postal Worker

February 5, 2024

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Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

They both enjoy the Lottery so much, a husband and wife team told officials this week, that hardly a week goes by without one of them buying a ticket. Their most recent purchase, a $6 Powerball ticket, brought the Frederick pair to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to pick up a $100,000 third-tier prize.

“I’d had a lousy day at work,” said “Mr. Lucky,” a U.S. Postal Service employee. “And there, right in front of me on my way home, was a Royal Farms,” he continued. “I figured that a Lottery ticket might change my mood.”

That lucky Lottery retailer was Royal Farms #357 located at 6730 English Muffin Way in Frederick. “Mr. Lucky” bought a quick-pick ticket for the Jan. 22 drawing with two sets of numbers, added Power Play, and went home. Checking the Powerball results the next day on mdlottery.com, he was at first confused when he saw so many familiar numbers.

“‘That’s my ticket,’ I said to myself, ‘except for one number,’” the husband said. When he called to his wife, who is a nurse, the tone of his voice concerned her.

“I thought something was wrong,” said “Mrs. Lucky.” Far from it, but it took the Frederick County couple a few more minutes to believe it. “We went back and forth as to whether it was a winner,” he said. They soon downloaded the Maryland Lottery app, scanned their ticket and erased all doubts.

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