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Wood Heights, MO Mail Service Suspended After Alleged Gun Incident

February 16, 2023
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Wood Heights, MO – Mail delivery service has been suspended on Lakeview Drive and Ridgeway Drive in Wood Heights after an incident involving a resident and a mail carrier on the afternoon of February 7, 2023.

According to a police report, Ray County Deputies were dispatched to Lakeview Drive after receiving a call of a male subject pointing a gun at a mail carrier. Deputies Matt Callen and Ray Orth responded to the scene and contacted the resident in question. The man denied pointing a gun at the mail carrier and showed Deputy Callen an older model pump action BB gun. His explanation was that he was aiming at cats who were getting into his horseshoe boxes and that he never pointed the gun at the mail carrier.

However, when the deputies spoke to the mail carrier, he claimed that the resident was “tracking him with the rifle” and pointing it directly at his face while he was driving. The mail carrier also stated that he has had problems with the same resident in the past but has not reported all of them. Due to concerns for the mail carrier’s safety, the Excelsior Springs Postmaster made the decision to suspend mail delivery in the neighborhood until further notice.

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