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Woman with USPS in Cushing allegedly attacked on daily route

February 23, 2023


A woman working for the U.S. Postal Service in Cushing was allegedly attacked on her daily mail route, and now her family is seeking justice.

The USPS corporate office said they’re working with the Payne County District Attorney’s Office to potentially file criminal charges.

Her sister-in-law, Lunden Simpson, said since it happened on Feb. 9, they have been working with law enforcement to make sure Sabrina Phillips sees justice.

“This was his breaking point. He had had enough, and he aggressively approached her, and that’s when she said she knew there was a problem,” Simpson said.

Phillips was on her daily mail route, but after delivering mail to a certain home, her family said someone at the home began yelling foul language and storming in her direction.

“That is when she pushed him away from her in self-defense, told him to leave her alone, get away, and he struck her in the face, kicked her legs, grabbed her by the face and throat, took her to the ground and held her down in a puddle,” Simpson said.

She said she was eventually able to call 911. Simpson said Phillips believes the encounter was the suspect accusing her of upsetting his dogs as she delivered mail to the home.

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