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Who is Keeping Track of Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Hostile Work Environments at USPS?

March 20, 2023

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The USPS has never put forth its best effort to protect postal workers from hostile work environments. Employees often experience management failures to resolve cases. They watch management harassers move from one postal facility to another and these cases are often closed as inconclusive. Now an Office of Inspector General (OIG) Report entitled “U.S. Postal Service’s Response to Sexual Harassment Complaints,” shows that training, tracking, and documenting cases have been found to be inconsistent, incomplete, and inadequate.

The report makes it clear to me that the USPS Workforce Environment Tracking System (WETS) can’t work without training, and is unreliable with its failed tracking, incomplete resolutions, or an inability to identify a case from any of the three systems that we know about.

The report sets out three formal ways to report harassment: through Human Resources (a complaint to management); through Labor Relations (reporting to the union and filing a grievance); or via the Equal Employment Opportunity procedures, which are filed through the USPS, but include a right to appeal to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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