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Watch out for this text scam involving requests for redelivery fees

November 8, 2022
2022 11 08 at 4.03 PM


Be on the lookout this holiday season. Reports are being made of scammers sending text messages where they pretend to be the U.S. Postal Service asking for redelivery fees.

Messages saying things like, “You’ve just won $1,000, click here to claim,” are easy to identify as spam. But these new messages from scammers are saying they are from the Post Office.

Tia Trevallion, from Hampton Roads, Virginia, was unfortunate enough to get caught in this scam.

“I opened it up and it said we need your address. Normally I wouldn’t, but I put the address in,” Trevallion said. “When I did that it said there was a $3 charge to redeliver, and at that point, yeah, I knew there was a problem.”

Once the website asked for her credit card information, Trevallion pumped the brakes.

“You just don’t know what they can do with that information,” she said.

Checking the actual USPS website shows they don’t charge a redelivery fee.

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