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Video shows making of holiday TV ad

November 7, 2022
2022 11 07 at 5.21 PM


new Postal Service video takes viewers behind the scenes during the filming of the 2022 holiday television commercial.

“Every year, we cast real employees in our advertising. And I love that because it just adds to the authenticity of our brand,” says Marketing Vice President Sheila Holman, who was on site during the filming of this year’s ad.

The video features six employees who appear in the “Holiday Ready” ad and showcases their enthusiasm for delivering for America during peak season.

“I’m ready for the holidays because that is our busiest time and I work best under pressure,” says Melissa Washington, a carrier from South Hackensack, NJ. She adds that the experience of filming the ad “is totally amazing.”

Waleska Rodriguez of Stow, MA, also thanks the Postal Service for “the grand opportunity” to be a part of the ad.

Carriers Manuel Raos of Winnetka, CA, and Andrew Farrell of Millbury, MA, share their insights about the selection process in the video.

Raos, who appears first in the ad, thinks maybe his “surprise face” helped him land a spot.

“People still love that sense of having your mailman deliver you a letter and they’re happy to see you. I’m happy to see them,” he says.

After Farrell submitted an audition tape, “I didn’t really expect to hear back but next thing I knew, I was out here.”

After wrapping this year’s ad, Farrell is ready for any possibility of additional callbacks. “I totally appreciate getting this opportunity. It’s super exciting,” he says. “Maybe I can do more in the future.”

Carriers Cynthia Williams of Tampa, FL, and Devon Jones of Gardena, CA, are preparing to get recognized by their customers.

“They’re going to be shocked when they see me,” Williams says. “They’ll probably ask me, ‘Hey, wait a minute. Were you in a commercial?’”

Jones adds that the commercial role further inspires him to stay “holiday ready” throughout the season.

“I’m glad to say this is for all my customers that say, ‘Hey, that’s my mailman that’s on television,’” Jones says.

He also acknowledges the hard work behind whole experience. “Everybody working hand in hand, and I’m glad to be a part of it,” he says.

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