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USPS – Watch what you do with your position and time

May 27, 2022


The Postal Service is reminding employees that they must not misuse their postal position or their time while on the clock.

Here are some rules to follow:

• Don’t use your postal title or authority to benefit yourself or your acquaintances. This includes endorsing nonpostal businesses, organizations or other entities.

• Don’t use government information that isn’t readily available to the public to benefit yourself or anyone you know.

• Use your time — and your subordinates’ time — while on the clock to work only on your postal duties.

Employees are allowed to perform limited personal tasks while on duty without violating the misuse-of-time rule. However, the personal tasks must not adversely affect productivity, interfere with postal operations or violate the federal government’s Standards of Ethical Conduct.

For example, employees may call a doctor’s office while on duty to make an appointment, but they may not watch a movie for their entertainment or take a call for an outside business.

“Postal employees perform a public service that is based on the public’s trust,” said Jessica Brewster-Johnson, senior ethics counsel. “Public service must be free of any taint of private financial interest. Maintaining the public’s trust drives positive business results for the Postal Service. Following the ethics rules helps maintain the public’s trust in the Postal Service.”

Email the USPS Ethics Office at, go to the Ethics Blue page or download the USPS Ethics iPhone or Android app.

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