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USPS watch bands, phone cases available

February 6, 2023
2023 02 06 at 5.59 PM

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A company that makes accessories for Apple and Samsung devices is offering a new collection of postal-themed designs.

Troy, MI-based Affinity Bands’ line of smartwatch bands and cases for Samsung smartphones, iPhones and AirPods is available on its website. The licensed items will also be sold online by Amazon, Walmart, Target and Etsy, beginning in March.

The products cost $19.99-$39.99.

The collaboration with Affinity Bands follows the success of postal-themed products from Casetify and Vans footwear and apparel.

Other popular crossovers have included a ride-on vehicle and Post Office tent from toymaker Kid Trax and a U.S. stamps edition of the Monopoly board game.

USPS expects the products to be “popular and well received by postal employees and postal brand enthusiasts,” said Amity Kirby, the organization’s licensing manager.

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