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USPS urges change after more than 5,300 dog attacks

June 20, 2023
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The service says owners need to make some changes or they could find themselves without a mailman or woman at their door.

To help, they’re sending out messages to homeowners, encouraging them to put their pets away.

“Make sure that they are in an area that is fenced so that they can’t access the carrier when he’s trying to get to the mailbox,” Bogenberger said. “If you have a pet that is indoors, but for some reason you need to, you know, engage the carrier…keep that pet in another room.”

Postal workers can make note of homes that have a pet, so they’re not caught by surprise and, if a carrier feels threatened by a dog that’s at a home or roaming the neighborhood, that owner and the pet’s neighbors could be asked to pick up their mail at a nearby post office.

“We know most dogs are friendly, and everybody thinks their dog might be friendly, but the best way to keep a carrier safe is to limit that interaction,” Bogenberger said

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