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USPS to eliminate most sacks for Periodicals as of Jan. 22 ⁠— some still allowed

January 5, 2023
usps sacks

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USPS continued its push to revise its mail processing procedures today with an announcement that sacks will no longer be accepted for Periodicals, Marketing Mail or other classes. But some exceptions will be made.

Sack handling has been targeted as a high-cost area in mail processing for more than a decade. National Newspaper Association led the way for urging elimination of sacks under the leadership of late Postal Committee Chair Max Heath with his “Sack the Sacks” campaign.  But mailers continue to use some sacks because of ease of transport, and in some cases because flats trays as an alternative container have been unavailable.

But now USPS is changing its operation to eliminate sack handling inside mail processing plants. It has assured mailers that sufficient Mail Transport Equipment will be available to serve as appropriate containers.

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