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USPS suspends service in parts of Florida

September 28, 2022

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The Postal Service is responding to Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

The hurricane made landfall in Southwest Florida on the afternoon of Sept. 28, bringing storm surges, torrential rain and damaging winds to the state.

To protect employees and the public, USPS has suspended mail delivery and retail operations at many Post Offices and other facilities in the state.

USPS began preparing for Ian last week. In addition to providing employees with emergency guidelines, the organization has advised customers of potential service disruptions.

Employees affected by the storm should call the USPS national emergency hotline at 888-363-7462 (888-EMERGNC) to report their condition and check for changes in their scheduled work reporting status.

The Postal Employees’ Relief Fund and Employee Assistance Program are available to help affected employees.

Customers who have questions about mail delivery should check the Service Alerts section for updates. The Postal Service is also updating customers through social media posts and news releases.

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