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USPS stops delivering mail to Roanoke neighborhood after multiple “dog attacks”

December 29, 2022

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Roanoke residents on Northridge Street NE are looking for answers after the U.S. Postal Service stopped delivering mail to their neighborhood.

For nearly a month, about 20 residents haven’t had mail delivered to their homes. Mail carriers won’t deliver mail to Northridge Street anymore because of “dog attacks” that neighbors told WDBJ7 happened at the opposite end of the street.

Residents received a letter in the mail, dated December 12, explaining why they have to pick up their mail from the post office.

“Recently [December 3] one of our carriers was attacked by animals that live in and roam the area on a frequent basis causing us to delay your mail service,” John Bell, manager of post office operations, said in the letter. “If the animals in the area cannot be contained, we will need to have an option for mail delivery.”

Residents explained the whole situation is causing a lot of frustration for families.

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