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USPS reminds employees who have Citibank cards to only use them for official USPS business related travel

May 23, 2022
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The Postal Service is reminding employees who have been issued a Citibank GSA SmartPay 3 card to only use them for official USPS business-related travel expenses.

The cards allow employees who travel on postal business to receive government-rate airfares and hotel accommodations.

However, the cards should never be used:

• For another employee’s travel expenses.

• To put air itineraries or hotels on hold for other employees.

• For personal, family or household expenses.

• To withdraw cash from an ATM, unless on international travel.

Additionally, when booking travel, employees must use Omega World Travel/GetThere, the Postal Service’s contracted travel management company.

Booking reservations through other travel service providers is against policy and prevents the organization from fulfilling certain contractual obligations and from receiving discounts and rebates.

Employees should also:

• File expense reports as soon as possible after travel is complete.

• Notify their travel card coordinator and Citibank if a card is lost or stolen.

• Promptly report changes of address or name changes to their travel card coordinator and Citibank.

• Notify travel card coordinators about job changes.

• Dispute any charges that are incorrect.

Additionally, employees should always secure their government travel card as if it were a personal credit card.

To request a travel card, ask your travel card coordinator for an application, have the completed application approved by an approving official and return it to the coordinator for processing.

Cards usually arrive in two weeks.

Additional information is available in Handbook F-15 Travel and Relocation.

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