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USPS-NAPS Agreement on Exempt Managers & Postmasters Delivering Mail

January 10, 2023
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NAPS Headquarters has been officially notified that all exempt Postmasters level 22 and below and all exempt Station Managers of Customer Service will be entitled to additional pay should the need arise where they are required to deliver mail. These additional pay provisions will be in affect from 12/31/2022 through 4/7/2023.

NAPS has been discussing the issue of Managers, Postmasters and Supervisors delivering mail with the Postal Service since April of 2022. Though the position of NAPS is that EAS should not be delivering mail, in situations where all avenues to deliver mail have been exhausted, should an Exempt Manager, Postmaster or Supervisor be instructed to deliver mail they will receive additional compensation. In September of 2022 the Resident Officers and Northeast Region Vice President Tom Roma met with Postal Headquarters to discuss the issue of EAS being required to deliver mail. This was followed up with the attached letter written by President Ivan Butts on December 8, 2022 (Board Memo 036-2022).

We appreciate the Postal Service working with NAPS in ensuring Postmasters, Managers and Supervisors are properly compensated when required to deliver mail.

Thank you and be safe.

NAPS Headquarters

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