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USPS insurance claim denial leaves Valley woman frustrated

January 4, 2023
tareq ismail HEisQPDi H8 unsplash


Barb has shipped ceramics before using bubble wrap and shredded packing paper. There’s never been a problem until this shipment.

“It ended up at my daughter’s house looking like it had been in a kickball game with everything broken. It’s really disappointing,” Barb said.

Barb bought insurance through USPS before shipping. When the package arrived damaged, she started a claim while her daughter brought the broken box to a post office for inspection. Barb thought she’d get reimbursed.

“I think it really sucks, quite frankly. I mean, they stress to you ‘well, buy insurance’ then they don’t want to pay out on the claim,” Barb said after her initial claim was denied.

A letter states the claim was denied due to ‘Insufficient Evidence of Value’ to prove the ceramics’ worth. Barb went back to the store to have the handwritten receipt amended to include her name and state a zero balance.

She was denied a second time.

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