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USPS Inspector General, Tammy Whitcomb Hull on Postal Hub Podcast

April 12, 2023
2023 04 12 at 4.22 PM

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Then the USPS Inspector General, Tammy Whitcomb Hull, joins me to discuss the role of the Inspector General.

  • The role of Watergate in the origins of Inspector General roles
  • Oversight of the US Postal Service and Postal Regulatory Commission
  • Law enforcement agents
  • Audits into efficiency of the USPS
  • Research and Insights Solution Centre (RISC)
  • Contrasting the USPS OIG with other Inspector Generals, such as the State Department
  • Field review team in post offices and mail processing centres
  • Why the US Postal Service needs an Inspector General
  • Investigating crimes that put the Postal Service at risk
  • Ensuring the integrity of the Postal Service
  • Difference between the USPS OIG and the Postal Inspection Service
  • How the USPS OIG uses data in its work
  • The correlation between parcel weight and postie injuries
  • What the Inspector General does
  • Tammy Whitcomb Hull’s career path
  • Mentoring withing the USPS OIG
  • The Megan J Brennan Award for Excellence
  • Women in the postal and logistics sectors
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